Do Helmets Help or Hurt

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Lane Wallace wrote an article called “Do Helmets Help or Hurt.” The article first appeared in the Atlantic in February 2011.Wallace is a writer and a pilot who wrote many books and articles. Some of her work includes her books called My 10 Best Flights and Flights of discovery. She is a member of the United States Air Force and regularly writes for the Sports Aviation Magazine. In Lane Wallace’s informative article “ Do Helmets Help or Hurt” she goes into detail and gives examples of why we should and shouldn't have helmets. Wallace mentions many key points about helmets. She starts off by telling us that it’s a trending topic and goes into talking about the differences of boy’s and girl’s sports. She gives an example of boy’s and girl’s lacrosse. She informs us that girl’s lacrosse players have to wear eye wear, and side and body checks and contacts are illegal. On the other hand, the boy’s just have to wear helmets and nothing else. The boy’s lacrosse reduced the number of concussions, head fractures and intracranial bleeding when playing the game. But the girl’s have a concussion rate of 15% lower than the boys. Wallace cites a British researcher, John Adams about why safety equipment doesn't always increase the safety. He tells you that people are still going to take risks no matter what. He gives you an example of driving and how the seatbelts increased the collision rate in some places and how people don't care how they drive when they drive. He thinks that people are still going to take risks and safety equipment doesn't always ensure safety. Wallace states, “ Improving safety has had more to do with the groups culture and attitudes about high-risk activities than it does any specific technological advances- especially in individual sports or hobbies”(232). She intends that every culture has a different point of view on the sport or hobby and

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