Do Females Deserve Equal Pay

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Topic: Do Female Athletes Deserve Equal Pay? INTRODUCTION: The issue that I’m researching is about women’s sport and how they deserve to be payed equally with men. There are two sides of the issue. one is that women work just as hard as men do to be elite athletes and they play the same sports but they get payed less and the other is that men’s sport is in more of demand with television, sponsorship advertising etc, therefore men’s sport is more popular. This issue is personally relevant to me because when I’m older I hope to be an elite athlete and hopefully play in the WNBA and if I am lucky enough to get that opportunity I would like to be payed equally with the men in the NBA. BACKGROUND: The debate about equal pay within sports between males and females has been going on for a long time now. In several sports within tournaments they offer ‘uneven’ pay funds, by paying the winner of the men’s competition more than the women’s. An example of this which is most obvious is the basketball, but there are also more events such as soccer and bodybuilding and also cycling that offer more money for men. In the US Open for tennis, men and women have been paid equally for the past three decades and then the Australian open in 2000 did the same thing. Should we make other sports do the same then? Equal Pay in Professional Sports: - For the first time in 2007, Wimbledon announced that they will provide equal prize money to the male and female athletes. In events like the grand slam, it will now offer equal prize money to the champions of the tournament. - In both 2005 and 2006 Jelena Prokopcuka won the New York City marathon. she became the 6th women in history of the race to achieve this. $100,000 plus a bonus of $30,000 is the prize money the women’s winner took home in 2005 and 2006 which was the largest profit in marathon history. Unequal Pay in Professional

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