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Do Employee Involvement Programs Improve Organizational Performance? Essay

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Below is an essay on "Do Employee Involvement Programs Improve Organizational Performance?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Do Employee Involvement Programs Improve Organizational Performance?

In today’s competitive world, organizations need to be ahead of their competitors in order to succeed (Batt, 2004). One of the ways through which many organizations are trying to achieve success in their respective fields is by involving their most important assets, i.e. their employees, in the running of their establishments (Cox et al., 2006). Hence, employee involvement is a very well-known and common concept amongst governmental agencies, business corporations, small firms and organizations around the world. This essay will attempt to draw a picture of employee involvement and how it improves the performance abilities of an organization through studies conducted over the years.

Employee involvement can be defined as the process by which the employees of an organization are called upon during the decision-making process of the organization in order to offer input and suggestions that can benefit the organization (Bryson, 1999). When an organization implements employee involvement, they are essentially engaging in their employees to participate more actively in the running of the affairs of the organization by providing them an atmosphere that encourages opinion-sharing and teamwork. Because of the awareness of the importance of engaging employees in the workplace, there are a lot of employee involvement program and techniques available that are tailored to creating a productive, safe and harmonious environment (Belfield and Marsden, 2003).

Many studies have been undertaken to analyse the advantages that the implementation of employee involvement programs have in various sectors. These studies point out the benefits that organizations stand to gain once they implement and maintain some sort of employee involvement. One of the biggest and most important reasons behind the practice of employee involvement is the achievement of satisfaction at work. Once employees are satisfied with their...

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