Explain How Do Curfews Keep Teens Out Of Trouble

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Do Curfews keep teens out of trouble I believe that curfews can keep teens out of trouble but it can also encage them from the nightlife. But then isn’t it good to keep our kids out of the nightlife? Most parents would seem to agree, and then most teens would seem to this agree about this argument. I am a teenager in high school a senior and no I didn’t have a lot of experience of the night life that most parents are afraid of their kids falling into, and so far I am a pretty good kid who doesn’t get into trouble I don’t do drugs or have unprotected sex or have sex in that matter. But what is so bad about the nightlife that every good parent is afraid of letting his or her kids experience? And why is that most teenagers want to experience the nightlife? I personally believe that the reason why teenagers want to experience this and not have any curfews is to be free, to be on their…show more content…
I believe it makes them feel older more responsible even though they are doing something stupid, but then I also believe that by having curfews keeps the teenagers out of trouble it keeps them off the streets away from drunk drivers, drugs, alcohol, violence, and sex and that is a good thing fewer teenage deaths by drunk driving, overdose off drugs, being violent because of drunk people, and fewer teenage pregnancies all of that sound good. But then what happens t teenagers who don’t get that freedom that they want? They start miss behaving start getting into trouble at home starting fights with mom and dad threatening them by running away, getting into trouble with the law, then they have a record at 15. Doing drugs having sex everywhere getting pregnant. I think if the parents went with the teen going out that would help the teen out of trouble and not be so encaged at home doing nothing hearing about the stuff that their friends are doing and having a good time while the
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