Do Bees Have Personalities

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Do Bees Have ‘Personalities’? A new study in Science tells us that that a bee may also have a need to hunt just like humans. The honey bee shows a desire to seek an adventure. Researchers have found a new way to spy on the inner bee hive. Some bees do not want to serve there queen they want to go out on an adventure. “In humans, differences in novelty-seeking are a component of personality. Could insects also have personalities?” said Gene Robinson. Did you know that when a bee hive becomes over crowded, less than five percent of bees go out and find I new place for a hive? These bees are named “nest scouts” these bees are also likely to become “food scouts”. Not only do bees show that they want to seek for uniqueness but they are willing to “go the extra mile”. Researches want to determine the small base in these differences in bee’s actions. “People are trying to understand what is the basis of novelty- seeking behavior in humans and in animals, and a lot of the thinking has to do with that relationship between how the (brain’s) reward system is engaging in response to some experience.” says Robinson. Researchers found thousands of different activity in the heads of scouting and non- scouting bees. Researchers treated a non- scouting bee with powerful drugs and found out that it caused the bees to want to hunt. Gene Robinson says that, “our results sat the novelty- seeking in humans and other vertebrate has parallels in an insect. One can see the same sort of consistent behavior differences and molecular underpinnings.” Researchers also found that humans and animals, along with insects have some other that same gene make- up. Each of us has found a way to modify them in their own way. Its looks like the same molecular pathways have been engaging repeatedly in evolution to dive rise tp individual differences in novelty seeking,” said Robinson. I think

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