Do All Men Have a Natural Impulse To Get Knowlege Essay

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Joanne Wright Do All Men Have a Natural Impulse to get knowledge? All men have a natural impulse to get knowledge for the purposes of spiritual, social and economic growth but not necessarily wisdom. I thought Aristotle's quote regarding sight as the most convincing sense was an interesting point to begin with. “The reason is that of all the senses it can best bring us knowledge and best discerns the many differences among things”. Sight gives us the ability to conceptualize the idea of knowledge. It gives us an opportunity to reason the images before us. Aristotle believed we learned as we saw which creates the experience. We experience initially by sight. No other species has the ability to produce such a concept. Although God in his entire splendor was methodical about how each species would come to learn for its purpose. It's the impulse we question. All other species understand their life's purpose and follow suit inherently. Men are in constant search of his purpose. Which leads us to the impulse of getting knowledge? Man believes his purpose in life is to succeed, by whatever standard he's set for himself. We visualize our success based on what we see others accomplish. Those experiences could be following a mentor or role model. We base our understanding on what we choose to perceive as success. We think to ourselves they must know something I don't know. It's the impulse within us that leads us to seek ways of being better than we perceive ourselves to be. We live in an era of visual eye candy and social media that drives our innate desire to learn and gain information. As we see the possibilities of obtaining more education, more money, and more social status we thirst for more knowledge. We develop the influences that modify the expressions of an individual’s heredity. The desire on how to obtain such status is all around us,

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