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Rajveer: Hello and welcome to the one and only tech time. We are you hosts; I’m Rajveer, I’m Ami and I’m Kirsten. Kirsten: We are here today to welcome 10 groups to talk about their chosen technology. Ami: The first show is about paper phones. This technology does the exact same thing as a smart phone, but the difference is that paper phones are paper thin and made entirely out of paper. Let’s welcome up Anna and Erika. Rajveer: Good job. Next time I go into best buy I will ask them to tell me more about this amazing product, because it seems very interesting. Kirsten: Our next show is about a gaming device called the PS vita. This is a very recent gaming device; the very first version of this came out on February 15, 2012. Just a few days ago! Let’s welcome up Zach and Adrian Ami: Fantastic! Good job guys. I will have to buy this for my little brother because he’s into all these gaming devices! Kirsten: we will be back right after this commercial (CLAPPING) (COMMERCIAL) TRUE BLUE IS A PROUD SPONSER OF TECH TIME *play voice recording* Rajveer: Welcome back to tech time! The first two shows were really great. Ami: Now let’s welcome our next speakers. They are here to talk about the Zeal Optics Z3 Ski Goggles. These ski goggles are amazing! They have really good features such as you can tell the temperature on The mountain how cool is that! Now let’s call up Kirstin, Julia, and Subuhi to go into more detain about theses cool goggles. Ami: Great job girls! I really enjoyed that one. Rajveer: The next show is about cars that drive themselves. This type of car has many advantages like they save energy and cause fewer accidents. Come on up Michael and Sean. Kirsten: Good Show Michael and Sean. We can tell you have worked really hard! Rajveer: After this short break we will have 6 more shows. (CLAPPING) (COMMERCIAL) The Bachelor Kirsten:

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