Dna, Rna, Mrna Essay

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Name Date For each of the following sequences, fill in either the DNA, the mRNA sequence, the rRNA anticodons, or the amino acid sequences that have been left blank. If several sequences might work choose any one. DNA ___ mRNA A U G A C U A G C U G G G G G U A U U A C U U U U A G tRNA ___ AA ___ 2. DNA T A C C G C T C C G C C G T C G A C A A T A C C A C T mRNA _ tRNA _ AA _ DNA __ mRNA __ tRNA U A C C A C C C C C G U A U G G C U G G G A A U A U C AA __ DNA mRNA tRNA AA MET ARG GLY PHE PHE MET VAL GLY (STOP) 5. DNA T A C A T G mRNA U G U G A U tRNA C U C U U G A U U AA ALA PRO Draw and label a DNA replication fork making sure to include all enzymes and both strands. Label the 5` and 3` ends of each DNA strand. What are the three differences between RNA and DNA? 7. Where is DNA found in the cell? Where is RNA found in the cell? 8. Name the three types of RNA and what they do. What are the steps of transcription? Briefly describe what happens in each step. 10. What are the steps of translation? Briefly describe what happens in each

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