Dna in Technology Essay

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Madison Gross Tara Broeckel Composition 1 November 12, 2013 DNA in Technology When you think of When and Why people use DNA in society today your first thought will usally be that it is either used in medicine or in crime, but there used to be a time when DNA was not used in crime investigations as evidence. Before it was used as a type of evidence there were a lot of conflicting feeling and thoughts on the subject of using DNA in crime, there were people who were for it because it was more accurate with the evidence and set free innocent people, and there were people who did not agree with this because it is harder to get An accurate DNA sample and that it proves that the system we were using before was all wrong. These varying ideas, even though they are opposing, are all very accurate and valid. People who agree with using DNA in technology feel that it can make sure that convictions are more accurate and that people are not being falsely accused and punished. “In little more than a decade, DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) evidence has become the foremost forensic technique for identifying perpetrators, and eliminating suspects, when biological tissues such as saliva, skin, blood, hair, or semen are left at a crime scene” this new type of technology leaves little room for error so when you get an accurate DNA sample it is almost guaranteed that you have gotten the right person because there is a very slim chance you can mess up your DNA. Those who are opposed to using DNA in crime feel that there are not a lot of cases where accurate DNA is found to be tested. It is very hard to get a hold of accurate DNA samples; since this is a relatively new process it is still not perfected. “Good DNA material is available in only one in five felony cases: often there is not enough DNA for a sample, or it is old or contaminated. And it is not necessarily proof of
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