Dna And Its Effects On Society Essay

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CARDINAL D CASTILLO WEEK 4 ASSIGNMENT CRJ 331 WILL CURRIO ASHFORD UNIVERSITY 12 DECEMBER 2011 DNA AND ITS EFFECTS ON THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM The discovery of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), the deciphering of its structure, and the decoding of its genetic information were turning points in our understanding of the underlying concepts of inheritance.(Saferstein,2011).DNA evidence is used to match tissue samples from a crime scene to potential suspects.DNA samples present a unique pattern for every individual, much like a finger print.DNA testing uses only a small fraction of a person’s genetic code.DNA evidence can be found almost anywhere at a crime scene. Only a small amount of human cells are sufficient to provide DNA evidence that will help solve a crime. When used to its full potential, DNA technology will permit the criminal justice system to identify criminals quickly and accurately. (Davenport,2009). DNA evidence is an invaluable part of criminal investigations, because like fingerprints, DNA is unique to the individual. The history of DNA in criminal investigations reveals a profile unmatched by any other forensic technology. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) a technique for replicating or copying a portion of a DNA strand outside a living a living cell; this technique leads to millions of copies of the DNA strand. (Saferstein,2011).Polymerase chain reaction or PCR , is a process by which small samples of DNA are made larger , or amplified. By using PCR, labs are able to create larger batches of DNA from small samples for easier analysis. Most DNA testing laboratories now use PCR, because it allows them to make many copies of the samples,
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