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I. Team Agreement A. Team Contact Information Member Names | Telephone Numbers B. Mission Statement: Team mission is to work cohesively and collaboratively to be effective and efficient in our weekly assignments. C. Vision Statement: The team will strive to work together, be flexible, accomplish assignments, and learn and grow as a team and individuals. We will also aim to have successful outcomes and resolve conflict in a respectful environment. D. Shared Values: Open Communication: Definition: Frequent and friendly conversations so that all team members are up to date and informed on all aspects of the assignments. Rationale: To ensure everyone is always on the same page. Honesty: Definition: Keeping all team members informed when deadlines may not be able to be met. Rationale: To ensure the team doesn’t suffer because of the uncontrollable circumstances of one member. Communication- Contribute and share ideas with the group; provide critical feedback and be available to contribute to the overall project. Active Participation- Every team member will contribute an equal share in all the work; each member will assist other members with all aspects of each assignment, as necessary. This is a shared learning experience; therefore, everyone must contribute so we can grow together as a team. Honesty- Team members must be honest and open. This will create trust among team members and enhance work productivity. If a team member is unable to complete his or her part(s) of the assignment, he/she must be honest and let the other team members know as soon as possible. Timeliness- All assignments will be submitted on time; contributions from individuals will be submitted to the group with enough time to allow other group members to make edits and provide feedback; time constraints will be flexible due to everyone’s busy schedules but assignments

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