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Name: MOON ID: 200800302 ------------------------------------------------- Class: Oral Communication ------------------------------------------------- Chapter 10 and 11 1. * Nature of group: The small group has a powerful potential for action. When people come together in a group, friendships can develop, decisions can be made, and problems can be solved. Many people, however, are not able to effectively participate in decision making because they do not understand the nature of the small group or their role in it. Group as "a number of persons who communicate with one another, often over a span of time, and who are few enough so that each person is able to communicate with all the others, not at second hand, through other people, but face-to-face.... A chance meeting of casual acquaintances does not count as a group for us”. Neither does the collection of people at a basketball game constitute a group. That is an aggregation, not a group in our sense of the term. Congregation, aggregations, audiences, and other collections of a large number of individual are not group. * Characteristic of group: Purpose. Every group has a purpose. It exists for some reason. It came into being to fulfill some purpose or need, and if it continues to function as a viable and healthy group, it is because its members know why it exists and because it is fulfilling that purpose. Procedures: Every group has its ways of operating – of doing whatever has to be done to fulfill its purpose. Group procedures vary from quite strict adherence to specific rules to informal, non-specified procedures. Roles: The members of group have role they fill as each person makes an individual contribution to the group. The group comes to expect certain people to do certain things and not to do other things. Climate: Each group develops a climate that reflects the nature of the interpersonal

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