Djedefre Essay

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Djedefre, 3rd King of Egypt's 4th Dynasty The king, who's birthname was Djedef-re, meaning Enduring like Re, is also knew as Djedefra, Redjedef, and Radjedef. It is believed that he took the throne by murdering his older half- brother, Kauab. As the son of an Egyptian queen, Kauab (Kawab) would probably have had a better claim to the throne than Djedefre. Hetepheres II, Djedefre's queen, was apparently married to Kauab before his death. In turn, it was believed that Khafre, Djedefre's younger half- brother by Khufu and successor, may have murdered him, perhaps out of revenge. Apparently, most of these assumptions are based on matters surrounding Djedefre's pyramid at Abu Rawash. Its location alone, abandoning the pyramid field at Giza for Abu Rawash, seems to indicate some sort of split within the family. Then we also have small fragments found in the complex that would appear to have been intentionally smashed. It was thought that Khafre may have been responsible for this destruction. Also, the fact that Khafre succeeded Djedefre and immediately moved his mortuary complex back to Giza was believed to substantiate a break, and then a return to the family traditions. However, much of this is now in dispute (as some of it has always been), or has been proven to be completely wrong. For example, evidence now suggests that it was presumably Djedefre who completed his father's burial at Giza and was particularly responsible for the provision of his funerary boats, where Djedefre's name was found. This does not appear support a break within the family. Furthermore, the broken statues now seem to have been the results of locals, particularly in the Roman and Christian era. He abandoned the necropolis of Giza and moved north by constructing his pyramid at Abu Rawash 8 km north of the traditional site. The original volume of his pyramid approximately equaled that of

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