Divorced Parents and Their Children Essay

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Introduction In the last century, marriage does not hold the same strength it once did. In 2002, the U.S Census Bureau documented that one out of every two marriages ended in divorce. Approximately 2,157,000 reported marriages in the United States in 2009, so that means over 1,000,000 of those marriages will end in divorce. Divorce not only affects the couple that is ending their marriage, but it also affects their children. Every year approximately one million children are affected by divorce. Research shows that parental divorce has many negative effects on children. Which include academic failure, poor peer relationships and lack, of commitment to personal relationships. These problems do not diminish overtime and continue throughout adolescence and into adulthood. Children with divorce parents reach young adulthood with major concern that include betrayal, abandonment and the fear of not being loved. Young adults who have gone through parental divorce in childhood often continue to struggle in relationships and find it challenging to fully commit themselves to a romantic partner. Literature Review Research on the effects of parental divorce have been done for many years. The following review of literature will discuss how parental divorce affects males and females differently, the short term effects of parental divorce, which include emotional, relational, and educational effects. This will also discuss the long-term effects of parental divorce, which include romantic relationships and views on marriage. Gender Adult females that come from divorce parents were found to view marriage in different ways that women who come from married parents. Women from divorced families were shown to view being a mother is more important than being a wife, they did not think that you needed to be a wife in order to be a mother(Amato, 1988). Female participants who did

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