Divorced Families Essay

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Divorced Families HN200: Survey of Social Problems Kaplan University Andrea Goss Over the span of 45 years divorce has gone up by leaps and bounds. There are many families experiencing the hardships of what happens when divorce happens to them. Children not only have to deal with their new life style, they have to explain to their friends why either there dad or mom is not living at home any more. Could this be because divorce has become too easy or could it be because parents do not work through their problems with either other? Divorce is one thing that really changes a child’s life in many ways. This problem has effected a lot of families and is close to home for myself since I come from a divorced family. So working with others on how to prevent or make the transition of divorce easier would benefit myself and everyone I work with. Looking at how each person in the family may be effected by divorce is a great way to help them through this problem. As for the mother, she has to deal with finding a job or a better paying job to help take care of the children. Sometimes the mother looks for a new husband but not all the time. Now a days there are only about half of the divorced women who are looking to get remarried (Henslin, 2011). This I believe is because they have learned how to make ends meet and care for her children the best she can, so she doesn’t need the partnership of a new marriage. As for men divorce is a lot different since most of the time the children stay with their mothers. This causes the men to have less of a relationship with their children since they are no longer seeing them on a day to day basis. The normal visitation for men with their children is every other weekend and this doesn’t give the children enough bonding time since it’s only a few days. There are some states that do look at who is the “primary caregiver,” so some men

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