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Difficult defining family however the one most use definition refers family “two or more people related by birth, marriage, adoption or choice who have emotional ties and responsibilities to each other” (Shaffer, 2005. p. 11). One most use definition refers Development as “patterns of change overtime which beings at conceptions and continue throughout life span. Developments occur in different domains such as the biological (changes in physical being), social (changes in social relationship and behaviour), emotional (changes in emotional understanding and experiences) and cognitive (changes in thought processing)” (Keenan, 2002. p.2). Therefore, the aim of this essay is to use relevant research to examine children in changing families (divorce and remarriage) after parental separation in relation with positive and negative outcomes for children’s social, emotional, cognitive and behaviour development. This essay will begin by examine what happens to children developments before divorce (martial conflicts), then during and after divorce and finally finish off with remarriage. Every family have their ups and down. Therefore, these sections of the essay will examine marital conflict in relation with outcomes of children’s development. Martin Wood had argued that marital conflict is one of the risk factor associated with negative outcomes for children’s developments (Barner, 1997). Various researches found when inter-parental conflict is more frequent and longer- lasting, shows that children are at increased risk for emotional, behaviour, cognitive and social difficulties. Crockenberg and Langrock (2001) conducted a research on martial conflict in relation with children’s behaviour and emotions. The researchers reported that children reflect their parents’ behaviour of same gender parents. Also behaviour and emotion of the children differ within gender; girls

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