Divorced Essay

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Divorce – Essay An early childhood educator has many responsibilities when they are dealing with children. They must understand everything about the children from they’re personality to their behaviour. Every child has a different outlook on life but what happens when you are dealing with a child who is caught in the middle of their parent’s separation? As an early child hood educator, careful steps must be taken to dealing with such children. When a couple decided to get divorced there will be negative effects on the child. Some common effects of divorce on children include being sad, scared, angry, guilty, confused, lonely and worried. The child might feel sad because their life has turned upside down and everything is completely different. The child might have to live with both parents in different homes and this will make the childs life miserable. As an early childhood educator it is important to realize that the childcare centre is the only place the child might feel comfortable in because it is the one thing that is constant in their life. They must be taught that change is good and must not relate everything in life to their parents’ situation. The child might feel scared or nervous because they do not know what to expect next from their parents’ divorce. In this case the caregiver should try to keep the child busy with art, drama and physical activities. This will keep the child busy and focused and not thinking about the parent divorce. The child will feel frustrated towards the situation and might react in an angry manor. They must be taught that it is not okay to be angry or hit people because of the things happening at home. The best way to handle such problems is to simply listen to the child and make them feel like they can express their problems to you. It will give the caregiver an insight to what is happening inside the child’s home which

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