Divorce's Impact On Children

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Take deep consideration before you want to have a baby!! With the development of human society, people hold more open view towards divorce than before. However, divorce has bad influences on children. Living in a divorce family, children often lack of care and love, and suffer some phycology difficulties. Many of bad behaviors of teenagers or social problems are caused by children who growing up in single parent families. The most significant impact of divorce on children is the conflict between parents. Both parents play important roles in children's life. Children do not want to see the quarrel and fighting between their parents. The divorce's hurts to both mother and father make children heartbreak. In addition, the conflict environment also results in violent children. Most juvenile violent offenders had ever in an environment which their parents often have serious conflicts. It is really harm for children's psychological health. What is more, children who living in divorce families usually suffer " parental loss ". Due to divorce leads to the separation between one of the parent and the children, they are more difficult to get love and care from this seprarte-parent than before. When they get in trouble, they have less chance to express their emotions. Psychological problems are often caused by these stress. In economic aspect, children lose one of their parent financial support after their parents divorced. Most single parent have big stress to raise their children. Consequently, some children have to give up their study and find a job to support their family. They are less likely to have same living standard as children who living in intact families. Another result of divorce is that children who live in these non-troditional family also have more life stress. Because divorce leads to many changes in children's life. After their parents divorced,

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