Divorce Topic Essay

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The interesting topic of: “Divorcing parents should think of their children,” was a no brainer for my choice. This is an interesting choice because this hits home for many people today. If one person had the say of a part in their parents’ divorcing they would take the chance. Growing up with divorced parents had a heavy impact on my childhood. While divorcing parents should think of their children first. Parents need to think of think of their children first because the tolls that one’s childhood may take can be abusing, wrong, questionable, or even harmful. While a child is going through divorce it can cause emotional breakdowns. As a matter of effects to your children’s emotions, they may experience academic failure or social awkwardness. What is sadder than getting an A+ and not having any acknowledgement? Or better yet having new friends and not being able to have them over your house because of the constant fights between your parents? Parents have to think of how many routes a child or adolescents’ emotions can take. The other aspect is dealing with multiple children who feel like one of their siblings is the may think it’s them who caused the separation of both mom and dad. The child can further make the assumption that there is no problem with my parents, it’s me. They will find any way to bring attention or notice to the fact that the divorce is unnecessary. Younger children (preschoolers), are self-absorbed in this stage, and will often blame them for the divorce. They take the role on in thinking that it is their responsibility to bring their parents back together. Also, instead of trying to get you back together the children may fight against each other. They might blame the other as if they did or said something that might have caused the split. It is just overwhelming to think that one is to blame for the separation of two people who were happily

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