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As you all probably know by now, my name is ____. I chose to do this speech on the effects of separation and divorce on children. Being the child of a separated couple, I have experienced some of the effects firsthand. I was three when my parents got a divorce, so this issue has always hit home with me. There are basically two results of a divorce for the couple; the divorce is either mutual, or one-sided. However, for a child, divorce is a drastic change and traumatic event to experience; it can produce all kinds of psychological and physical results. Although 50% of marriages do not end in divorce, like many people believe, there are still enough to cause an enormous effect on the younger generations in this country Involvement can alienate a child from one or both parents; the effect of this is detrimental to their development. Psychologists have studied these effects for years; according to Craig A. Everett’s Children of Divorce, “children may exhibit higher levels of dependent, disobedient, aggressive, demanding, unaffectionate and whining behaviors” after a divorce. One of the most harmful effects of divorce on children is the stress that accompanies it. Stress can elevate very quickly and cause many harmful side effects such as unhealthy sleep and eating habits, nervous habits, and depression. “Untreated depression is the number one cause for suicide” according to Kevin Caruso of Suicide Prevention, Awareness and Support. Children can also develop a grudge against a parent or parents, especially if one is more at fault than the other. The cause of most of the separations in the United States is unfaithfulness. Usually children form a stronger connection with the cheated-on rather than the cheater, which in turn causes resentment from the favored parent’s outlook. Finding a confidant or significant other later on in life can be difficult for children from a

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