Divorce In Canadian Society

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Impact of Divorce On Children and Youth in the Canadian Society Divorce, which decades ago would have been viewed as disgraceful, is now openly accepted by the contemporary Canadian society. Although the divorce rates in Canada have become lower than expected, the impact of marital dissolution still results in negative outcomes for the children and youth. Certainly, the impact causes issues in areas such as academic performance, relationship with others, physical health and other social skills. For many children and adolescents however, these issues are devastating and for some they did not cause as much damage to the individual. Sociologists and psychologists have gathered significant evidence and have done substantial research to explain how divorce affects the lives of children and to what extent. It is agreed upon that there is variation amongst every individual, in the sense that parental separation can also result in positive consequences for some children and youth. Recent studies, conducted by the Pew Research Centre, implied that divorce can have a positive…show more content…
The survey’s findings showed that 60 percent of children that entered into stepfamilies claimed that they developed a closer and more settled marriage than their biological parents. In contrast, only 45 percent of individuals raised without a step-parent claimed that their marriage was closer than their parents’. The findings propose that children from stepfamilies actually learn from being part of a family unit and witnessing their parent in a content marriage. Apart from that, it is crucial to note that children and adolescents in divorced families differ widely in their adjustment. For example, the adjustment can be a cause of factors such as the degree of conflict that existed between parents prior to divorce. In cases where children benefited from their parents’ divorce was because of intense conflict between the mother and

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