Divorce In America Essay

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Love and Marriage are two of the most joyous feelings that a human being can experience. People have been getting married for centuries; when the words “I do” are uttered a couple is determined to live together as husband and wife until death. However, since an early point in time people have also been unable to uphold their marriage and choose divorce as the answer. In today’s society people are not getting married for moral reasons. People do not understand the actually meaning of a marriage; which is a holy covenant before God. A large number of people are getting married and do not understand what a good marriage needs in order to succeed. In order for a good relationship to survive it is said one needs to have trust, friendship, love, communication, time, empathy, faithfulness, honesty, and commitment. These are just a few examples needed for a marriage to work. When the relationship loses those things it allows for adversity to enter the home the words “until death” is forgotten and replace by a new word divorce. Divorce was frown upon once upon a time, but divorce rates have been persistently increasing in America that it seems to be a norm. Not all marriages fail for the same reasons, yet a lot of people feel the main reasons why a marriage fails is because the lack of communication, lack of commitment to the marriage, and financial problems. The most important key in building a healthy and strong marriage is communication; which involves listening and understanding. According to the American Counseling Association, the most common issue in marriages is the lack of communication. In reality, the true power of communication in any relationship is listening. Listening starts with the decision to listen. When a person really listen to someone, they often feel quite good about the other person, and when it is the other persons turn to speak, the

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