Divorce In America Essay

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In America, most people have a dream to get married to their soul mate and have a happy family for the rest of their lives together. In reality, Americans are now getting divorced as an answer to all of their marital problems that the dream of a perfect marriage remains just a dream. Recently, there have been a growing number of divorces in the United States. About 50 percent of first marriages will result to a divorce (2). Many people are curious to “what happened?” to the marriage for it to result to divorce. There are many reasons to why people decide to take the divorce route rather than working out the marriage. For each divorce, the reason varies from couple to couple. The most common causes of divorce in the United States are time, sex, communication, and money (1). About fifty-seven percent of divorce couples in the United States were mainly due to financial problems (3). Of one the most common goal after marriage is to purchase a home to build a foundation. When owning a home, it comes with a lot of other expenses on top of the mortgage bill. It is very important for the couple to be on the same page when it comes to saving money and spending money. When one person tends to spend a lot while the other person is saving, this will become an issue. Having a child can also increase the living expenses drastically when financial planning was underestimated. Being financially unprepared for a family or sudden emergencies can bring stress between a couple. Nowadays, people are losing their jobs because of the bad economy. As the money gets tighter, it builds stress in the marriage. Having one person hold down the finance can put a lot of stress onto the individual. With having stress over finance, it leads to the couple blaming the one another for their financial struggle. One can feel overwhelmed, while the other can feel helpless and depressed. Money can buy

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