Divorce Among the Elite Class Essay

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ABSTRACT This study is aimed at establishing the relationship between Gender relations and Divorce such that possible approaches are sought to mitigate them. The study set out to assess the sex-differentiated impact of divorce, which are normally part of family life. These include changes in residences by children to accommodate changes in their relationships with their parents, changes in parental employment, remarriage, and stepfamily formation still; most children suffer from declining father. The study found that such changes affect individuals within households differently. Some lose while others gain. Women, however, have been singled out as the most affected. Changes in marriage and divorce laws and policies have further affected individual household members in different ways that is, children live in many different family forms, but the most common pattern is that they live with their mothers and have less contact with their fathers. As a result, a common alteration that children are forced to make is an adjustment to life without their father at home. Most children share time between the mother's household and the father's household, and families are creative in finding ways for children to maintain meaningful relationships with both parents involvement after divorce The conflicts over ownership of children and property has resulted to the formulation of the domestic relations Bill, marriage and divorce laws, which has led to the consolidation of the laws previously scattered amongst six different statutes. These reforms, which radically alter the way marriage is perceived and conducted, now explicitly provide for one uniform law for all types of marriages in the country. Supporting marriage and family life by expanding the provision of services such as marriage education, counseling and mediation, parenting education and family life education in

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