Divorce Essay

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Divorce People are unhappy every day. Their lives have been ruined. Divorce can be time consuming and expensive. The words “Till death do us part” don’t apply to most marriages anymore. Divorce is just a loop hole for people to get married, and then divorce for more money. Most of the time back then people didn’t get divorced. Divorce is a hasty thing. Most people get divorce for personal reasons. Although, some are greedy and want more money. Divorce often happens to people that have been married for a long time. After a couple of years people start getting bored. They look for new and exciting ways to spice up the marriage. If they can’t spice up the marriage on of the spouses will turn to another person. Turning to others starts affairs. Most people only think divorce affects them and them only. If the divorcing couple has children together the children are also affected. Most divorcing couples never ask their children or child how they feel about it. Divorce affects children big time. Children struggle with the separation of their parents. Children seem like they are ok, but inside they are hurt and struggling. After, a while schools get involved. The schools see that their grades are dropping and that there are too many absences. When a child’s grades are dropping they are absent too much. Those are signs your child isn’t ok. When going through a divorce a child needs to be talked to. Divorce is a menace, lawyers, court dates, and children make divorce difficult. Children start to act out to get attention. Lawyers are the worst, they cost so much, court dates are a hassle too. It makes trying to get to work very difficult. Remember all of this, if divorce comes your way. Don’t get married if you don’t see a future with this person. References: “Divorce on Children.” D. Wayne Matthews retrieved from www.ces.ncsu.edu/search “Divorce.” By Richard

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