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Are divorce rates in the UK on the rise? If so, why? And how can this be tackled? Introduction Tony Blair, UK’s former Prime Minister once urged the public to reflect on “the wreckage of UK’s broken society.” One of the key aspects with respect to the comment made is the UK’s unstable divorce rate. Divorce is defined as a legal end to a marriage according to the Cambridge Online Dictionary (2011). As reported by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), there was a 4.9% increase in divorce rates across the country since 2009. Carvel (2008) claims that 10% of marriages would not make it to their 60th wedding anniversary unless the divorce tide flattens. Such climbing numbers clearly show that divorce are on the rise and are becoming a major concern in British society. Some argue that traditional ideas are slowly vanishing while others blame the economy for the emergence of more broken families. This essay aims to explore and debate the causes of divorce and how this issue can be solved. It will provide a general analysis on how these demographic changes affect social stability. I will include in my essay relevant information from cited sources as well is my personal opinions with regards to this issue. Possible elements that contribute to divorces in the UK will be discussed first followed by potential factors that may mend such a deteriorating area in current British communities. Finally, the essay will conclude with the introduction of impacts that are most likely to hit the society in Britain. Causes Less emphasis on social mores When it comes to understanding divorce, it is important to consider the reasons for such behaviour acted by married individuals. Walsh (2012) considered that there is less emphasis on social moral values in the current society, thus this has resulted in climbing divorce levels. Individuals are given every right to do

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