Divorce Essay

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Divorce is a termination and/or a conclusion of a marriage, the proclamation that the marriage is now annulled and can not go on any further. Divorce has been around since the beginning of time and has no boundaries. It affects everyone no matter the age, ethic group or social status. There are many reasons why people get divorced, from financial reason, to infidelity, religious beliefs and last but not least lack of commitiment to the relationship. This paper will explain in detail six reasons why people are getting divorced in the present day. On of the reasons for divorce in present day America is individualism. This can be described an individual who is in pursuit on individual rather than shared or group interests. This is not necessarily a bad thing but when it comes to keeping a marriage healthy and strong, one must learn to act as a team and not only think about oneself. Computers and the internet have been the forefront to individualism. Websites such as Myspace, Facebook, Tagged and Twitter have encouraged Americans to think for themselves and provided privacy where as no one can know what you are doing, hence making people hide things from their partners. Another reason which is one of the most common ones is letting love fade away. Overtime we get comfortable with the person we are married to get use to them being in our lives. The longer two people are together and the more time they spend together, the better the chance that this will occur. Married couples must learn how to continually make changes to their lives and their marriage in order to keep things interesting. People become so absorbed with their children, jobs, friend and hobbies that they pay no attention to their partners. Over the last few decades, women have become less and less dependent on men. The American society went from women being mainly housewives and taking care of the

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