Divorce Essay

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Taking Action In this chapter we learned about identifying steps, evaluating, organizing, planning steps, skills to enhance achievement of steps, identifying discrepancies, self-disclosure, genuineness and self-disclosure and focusing on improvements. The two sections of this chapter I found pertinent to me were evaluating, organizing, planning steps, and self-disclosure. Evaluating, Organizing, Planning Steps In this section it states that after evaluating the problem the client and practitioner should organize a list of steps by prioritizing the steps to work on first, second, third and so on. Sometimes a client might like to start with the steps that seem easier to accomplish, while other clients prefer to begin by working on a step that is most important or is causing the most discomfort. When working with an individual, couple, or family, the practitioner may choose a more general approach of identifying steps and or asking clients at the beginning of each meeting what they would like to work on or what their goal is for that meeting. While planning for achieved steps, it is important that clients see the value of each step, have a solid plan for completing each step, and understand and agree to complete each step. When working with more than one individual a practitioner should work with each person to see what steps will be acceptable for all to make sure everyone involved is in agreement. In this process everyone learns how to work together. As a practitioner it is important to emphasize points of agreement, similar to noticing a theme, to reflect understanding of what is important to each person, and to ask questions to invite each person to clearly identify what they want or is willing to do. And lastly it is essential to discuss with clients how they can use their strengths, capacities, and resources to complete each step. A practitioner may identify

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