Divorce Essay

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The divorce rate today is at an all time high in America. 1. If a couple is unhappily married, do you think they should divorce? 2. Do you think a couple with children should stay together for the children? 3. Should they just stay together until the children are grown and then divorce? Or, should they divorce now and try to work out raising the kids from separate households? Take a position. Write a paper either supporting the idea that couples should stay together for the children. Or, write a paper supporting the idea that couples should divorce if unhappy. 1. Couples should divorce if they are unhappily married. 2. Couples with children should try in their best power to stay together for the sake of their children, if and only if, being together does not negatively affect their children. Being together for the kids is one thing, but being together and constantly fighting day in and day out would not makes things any better for the children. In a situation like this, I firmly believe it is in the children’s best interest that parents raise their children in separate households. 3. It is strongly believed that children, at a young age, are most negatively affected by parents divorcing due to the fact that they have the tendency to put the blame on themselves. Experiencing a split between their parents may be the hardest adjustment they must make during their childhood, which brings us to the question of whether or not parents should wait until their children are grown before they divorce. Like I had mentioned before, if staying together for the sake of their children does more harm to them than not, then maybe it is best to divorce and come up with an alternative plan, as to how they can effectively raise and be there for their children, especially at a time where parents’ attention is most sought. 4. My stand on this touchy issue would,

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