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Division of the English In the early colonization of the New World, many different European colonists began to settle all throughout the Atlantic coastline which would later be divided into three regions or colonies which were the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies. After going to war and flustering the Native Americans out of their own homeland, the primary origin begin to settle in, particularly between the New England colony (Massachusetts) and Chesapeake Bay (Southern colony/Virginia), and which at the time the primary descent of these colonists were in fact English spread all throughout the entire area. As time grew on, settlers began to establish governments, economies, and social classes and religion all throughout their particular reason causing great change between most of what was all the same English origin was now beginning to shape out very differently as those three factors impacted the colonists greatly. Economy was one of the main factors that caused this great change between these two regions because they both could not rely on the same ways to make money and strengthen their own economy forming different jobs which would acquire different skills, causing many men and families to create almost different lifestyles for each such as if your family settled in the New England colonies, you were most likely liable for building ships or fishing or trading with different countries overseas, basically requiring a lifestyle where you are constantly having to be near or working in the water unlike the Chesapeake Bay region where farmland was very abundant and the soil was rich. The rich soil of the region crumbled easily under their plows, and the longer growing season enabled them to bring forth bumper crops of rye, oats, barley, and potatoes. The most important crop, however, was wheat, which quickly became the region’s main cash crop. New

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