Division Classification Essay

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Division Classification Essay 1. Classification or Division: Classification 2. What is being Classified Adult Computer Users 3. Based on what principle: Varied Skill Sets 4. What are the parts or categories a. Novice b. Intermediate c. Advanced Topic Computer User’s Teaching adult students has many different challenges. The adult student has more psychological boundaries to overcome also known as anxiety. Having taught Introduction to Computer Systems at the adult level for the past ten years, I have noticed that a vast majority of the students enter the class with a considerable amount of computer anxiety. During class, whether lecturing or demonstrating I use an overhead projector, and a computer to alleviate some of the apprehension that the adult learner has. The adult learner can be classified into three categories, novice, intermediate and advanced. Each category of adult computer users has its own boundaries to overcome. What is anxiety? Anxiety usually occurs when something new is being learned. This resistance to change has negative effects on performance. Adults learning to use computers often fear the unpredictability of computers, public exposure of ignorance, and threat of failure. According to Wlodowski, 1993 these fears contribute to negative learner attitudes that are detrimental to learning. What is Computer anxiety? Computer anxiety is a common emotional response to computers characterized by the fear that many adults exhibit. Fear and anxiety toward subject matter are "conditions that tend to support negative learner attitudes and repel adult interest" (Wlodkowski, 1993, p. 83) Interaction between humans and computers is complex. Hakkinen (1994) suggests that this interaction may incite a variety of emotional responses, including anxiety. The fear of computers interferes with the communicative nature of human-computer

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