Divinity In The Epic Of Gilgamesh Essay

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Divinity In the epic of Gilgamesh divinity is defined by the presence of the gods and their actions in the epic. In the beginning of the epic it is clear that is a man who is self-centered and is focused on what is in the best interest of him and his place in the universe. The first presence of divinity from the gods in shown from the prayers of people that lived in uruk because of Gilgamesh rule of the kingdom from him raping women to just bullying people. The gods reacted from the people’s prayers which are a great sign of divinity for being loyal to the people that were praying to them and answering their prayers and creates Enkidu (Gilgamesh Tab.1 65-110) which is created by the goddess of birth to be a reflection of the King Gilgamesh. His creation was a result of the cries to the Gods for bad leadership and power of King Gilgamesh. Enkidu was created to match the Kings beauty, strength, and other assets. One more sign of divinity from the epic of Gilgamesh is Gilgamesh his self in the epic we read that Gilgamesh does some superhuman things that a regular person couldn’t do and if they could have the gods would not created Enkidu. He originally possessed the most divine blood because he was two-thirds god, his body would not tire as quickly nor would it succumb to…show more content…
Akhenaton talks about the sun being the only divine god having divine or godly powers to give and take away life. The hymn leads me to believe that Akhenaton considered Aten the sun god as the only god, and creator of the universe(lines 70 – 105).In (lines 105 – 120) Akhenaton praises the sun god for giving direction to everything on earth and also giving purpose and that everything that Aten’s makes that it is good. Only praises like Akhenaton is giving the sun is praises to a higher power the praises that he is talking about are not for a regular person but for a divine thing which for him is the sun god
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