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Illustration essay Jared Saldate ENGWR 300 Final Draft A Painful Art Four, Three, Two, one, theses are the sounds that he hears as he takes the memorized steps to the end of the board. In one fluid motion his arms swing around and go up helping repel his body upwards, for the short time he was suspended in the air, next thing he knows is he is coming down. Feeling the bend of the board he knows that is approach was good. The next emotion felt is that of falling, but a controlled fall. Going head over heals several times seeing blue in the sky and blue bellow he opens up as straight as an iron poll. Entering the water you don’t hear splash, but a rip as the water is torn down the middle. This effect cause the diver to slip like an arrow into the water. Diving is an art that needs to be experienced or explained in detail to feel the effects of watching professionals go from the aw inspiring heights from which any normal person would plummet to what would certainly be a very painful and excruciating belly flop. The divers that you see in the Olympics are artists. The hours spent diving are those similar to a dancer who spends so much of their time working on their lines to make sure that people can see how elegant their dance is. The pure mechanics of diving is like making a car work, without certain components the dive is either going to fail or succeed, depending on how strong the individual’s drive is and how much effort and time and pain he or she willing to put in to make sacrifice to become a great diver. The art of diving much like the dancer or artist, there is a large amount of trail and error, but the sequence can be revised to make it look and feel better. Anyone who has watched the dress rehearsal of a dance or a play knows that the first performance is nothing compared to the closing night where after lines and steps and movements have been

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