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Please remain seated, no flash photography allowed, cell phones must be off or on silent. The pungent smell of chlorine fills the room. This is my first time diving in front of a crowd. As the judges prepare I step onto the base of the diving board. The rough surface, which I’ve cut your foot on a few times during practice, runs through my legs. The sign is given and I can now start. While the whole room, which is dead silent, is looking at me all I can acknowledge is the still water of the pool. Though I’m allowed to take as long as I need to mentally prepare myself my thoughts are that waiting too long makes me more nervous. Three steps and a jump that’s all it takes. Now it’s time to start. Each step is confidence. One, Two, Three, my foot pounds on the rigid surface of the diving board and I’m sent hurdling into the air. As I’m floating in mid-air I don’t think too much about the trick I just do it. Once I attain the climax of the jump I throw my body into a tuck. I felt as though I was in fetal position. The tuck leads to the flip and then the release. After the flip I look for the water and my body descends straight as an arrow into the cold water. My body’s core temperature instantly changed. Under the water was my favorite. It meant I completed my first dive in front of the nervous crowd. Under water I feel peace and tranquility. Just as hard as pushing off the diving board I launched off the smooth surface of the pools bottom. When I finally surfaced I look around at the faces of my teammates, coaches, and judges. The room burst into applause and I smile as I await my scores. A feeling of accomplishment sweeps over me even before hearing my score. I don’t go to jump out of the pool right away I just tread water while listening for my score. After, I swim to the edge of the pool and hop out. There is a strain in my arm, from pulling yourself out, and

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