Diversity Policy Is Simply Not Helping Essay

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Diversity Policy Is Simply Not Helping In the world nowadays, diversity is highly encouraged, especially in academia. Colleges claim that they need the diversity policy to develop a better education; in Nannerl Keohane the president of Duke’s words, “We are committed to ethnic, racial, cultural, socio-economic and geographic diversity, to becoming more international, giving particular support to students from North and South Carolina”(Kirp 374). It sounds beautiful; however, is the diversity policy in admission the correct way for universities to achieve this? I doubt it. The diversity in academia should be the flexible and creative environment in study, rather than averaging the racial and ethnic percentage in the admission process. Diversity policy is simply a mistake that is neither fair to students nor improves the academic resources balance among different kinds of students. First of all, diversity policy is obviously a term of unfairness. It seems ridiculous when people who work hard in study are rejected by colleges just because of their race. According to “Trying to Achieve Diversity through Affirmative Action Is Racist” by Jonah Goldberg, Asians, who are often supposed to be the beneficiaries of diversity policy, are actually the victims in many cases. Research shows that about 80 percent of Latino and black student’s positions could have been taken by Asians without diversity policies, while the number of white students would stay the same. It points out that affirmative action, which ought to reduce the places for majorities to provide minorities better chances, has become a rule that only limits minorities themselves. On the other hand, minority students who get into universities by diversity policies may not have adequate academic abilities for their study. Imagine, if some students do not get good enough education in their schooling, how

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