Diversity Policy Essay

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DIVERSITY POLICY 1. PURPOSE The organisation recognises the benefits of diversity where people from different backgrounds can bring fresh ideas and perceptions which make the way work is done more efficient, products and services more valued. It is for these reasons that the organisation is committed to being a diversity leader in its sector by: • Providing a diversity inclusive workplace in which everyone has the opportunity to fully participate and is valued for their distinctive skills, experiences and perspectives. • Incorporating diversity into its business practices through its corporate social responsibility initiatives that aim to improve the quality of life for its workforce, their families, communities and society at large. 2. Definition • Diversity in the context of the Organisation primarily refers to the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) groups under-represented in our workforce. These groups include: Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander; disability, ages, race, religion, education level, gender, and colour. • Other dimensions of diversity include age diversity, carer/family responsibilities, sexual orientation and socio-economic background. • The Organisation embraces workforce diversity as a source of strength. This is not only about increasing visible differences in the workforce, but more importantly it is about the strategic advantage that comes from incorporating a wide variety of capabilities, ideas and insights in our decision making, problem solving, policy development and service delivery. • The principles of EEO remain an important foundation for the Workforce Diversity Policy, plans, programs and initiatives. The EEO principles aim to: ensure that staff are selected for positions on merit; provide equitable access to employment, professional development and workplace participation for people who are
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