Diversity, Inequality, And Immigration

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Jacqueline Hunt Diversity, Inequality, and Immigration HHS 201 Health and Human Services Katherine Martinek December 11, 2013 Diversity, inequality, and immigration are a vital part of human services. Diversity and equality is important aspect in our lives because we live in a diverse society and need to be able to respond appropriate and sensitive to diversity. Immigration is a complex issue and confuses many individuals. Even though our country has come a long way with overcoming racism, we still have some that continue to live in the past were segregation still remains. In the human service field diversity is foundation's base. It provides support and services to people in need, human services help everyone celebrate and embrace…show more content…
Immigrants come here to better themselves and have a better life for their families. Our country is living more for the immigrants than they are for the individuals born and raised here. Immigrants have better opportunities at finding work and getting help. Minority and majority groups Diversity, Inequality, and Immigration are base on different racial and ethnic groups. These groups are consider unequal in power, resources, prestige, and presumed worth. Majority groups are establish system of inequality by dominating the less powerful, Minority groups consist of various social characteristics that denotes minority status, that includes race, ethnicity, religious preference, and age. In the minority group the status is inferior social position, in which interests are not represented in political, economic, and social institutions of society (Eitzen, 2011). As a human service professional we will find that many individuals have been discriminated against because of their skin color or have reason to mistrust anyone. There are guidelines to build trust and they are learn the culture, create a welcoming atmosphere, acknowledge the validity of their suspicion, emphasize strengths in individuals and communities, find sources of power, use network

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