Diversity In The Workplace Observation: Article Analysis

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‘Our trust has achieved a culture that allows all staff to flourish’ In the beginning of this article it grabs my attention because I have worked with nurses in my career in the military as a hospital corpsman. I also feel this article relates to any job out in the society today that battles the same issues. As stated in the article, “According to the survey by Nursing Standard to mark Black History Month suggests that barriers still hinder some BME staff.” To me this shows the diversity they are trying to overcome and adapt to these barriers or obstacles. I see they are inspired to move on and try to better themselves. I also agree with the respondents response which was they all agreed there should be training or a correspondence “to care…show more content…
I feel this committee was able to work out all of our differences and make a better diversity in the workplace. I really enjoyed the last part of this article that stated, “Success is not going to be handed to them on a plate,” I feel that is the case in any situation you come across, you are the only person that has to take the first step in making yourself better. In my life I use my faith to push me even harder and stronger to overcome those situations. In comparison to my personal example, “Alix Carbon has been encouraged by her managers to push herself to up her nursing diploma to a degree qualification and attend other courses that she might not have believed she was capable of with encouragement.” I feel in this situation Alix used her managers to uplift and motivate her to better herself to show to others she was capable of doing what she thought she was unable to

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