Diversity in the Workplace Essay

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HRM practices to manage multicultural workforce: do the recommended best practices work for small business? A case study. Subject: Business services (Management) Human resource management (Analysis) Workplace multiculturalism (Analysis) Author: Monga, Manjit Pub Date: 06/22/2008 Publication: Name: European Journal of Management Publisher: International Academy of Business and Economics Audience: Academic Format: Magazine/Journal Subject: Business, international Copyright: COPYRIGHT 2008 International Academy of Business and Economics ISSN: 1555-4015 Issue: Date: Summer, 2008 Source Volume: 8 Source Issue: 2 Topic: Event Code: 200 Management dynamics Computer Subject: Company business management Product: Product Code: 7300000 Business Services; 9918000 Business Personnel Management NAICS Code: 541 Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services SIC Code: 7300 BUSINESS SERVICES Geographic: Geographic Scope: Australia Geographic Code: 8AUST Australia Accession Number: 182924519 Full Text: ABSTRACT The changing workforce demographics have significantly increased the importance of managing diversity at Australian workplaces Effective diversity management is argued to be a potential source of competitive advantage. Diversity has several dimensions such as age, gender, marital status, religion, race, nationality, work styles, cultures, values and so on. This paper focuses on one particular aspect of diversity 'multi-culturalism'. This paper presents a case study of a privately owned small retail organisation in South Australia, popular amongst ethnic minorities as a migrant friendly employer. Practitioner and scholarly literature advocates certain best practices in the area of HRM for effective diversity management. The aim of the case study is to examine the extent to which the recommended 'best practice' work force diversity management

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