Diversity in the Workplace Essay

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Diversity in the Workplace Natasha Allan XMGT/216 July 22,2012 Gary Cedrone Diversity in the Workplace Equal Employment Opportunity has placed laws that require workplaces to be diverse. This means the employer hires more than one race, or gender and a variety of age groups. When a workplace is diverse, it shows that the business is true to equal opportunity and hires people from different backgrounds instead of being segregating or discriminating against certain individuals. But in some cases the manager doing the hiring may be force to hire the less qualified minority verses the more qualified person. Then the manager is faced with an ethical dilemma. Does the manager follow the Affirmative Action laws and hire the less qualified minority and meet his “quota.” Or does he does what is best for the crew he his hiring for and hire the most qualified person for the job even though he is not a minority. At a small electrical co-op in southern middle Tennessee, there are about 180 employees’ total. This co-op stretches over and touches into fifteen total counties. Out of the 180 employees, there are several women that are cashiers and just over the past few years three women have moved into managerial positions. There are very few black people who work there. About seven years ago they interviewed for a lineman’s position. Of course, with it being Duck River, everyone put in for the job. In the lineman’s position there are several qualifications that are required before one can even be called in for the interview. After the applications were screened and several phones were made by the manger the calls were place to make appointments for the interviews. The manager received a called from his boss stating he did not care who put in for the job or who was how qualified, if there was a minority that applied, he had the job. He worked for the company five years. He

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