Diversity in Leadership Essay

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Diversity in Leadership The article, “Gender Diversity and Leadership Inclusion: The Keys to Workplace Success”, written by Aditya Narayan Singh Deo, Senior Vice President of Organization Development and Change of HSBC India, focuses on the increase of gender diversity at HSCB India. HSBC observed that the male to female ratio in their upper management and lower tiered positions were right on target, but middle management lacked the ratio the company desired. With the company’s goal of being “The Best Place to Work for Women” (Doe, 2009, p. 102), Aditya mandated policies to create a gender diverse workforce amongst HSBC employees. These policies included Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA), a Women’s Networking Forum, and Diversity Networking Meets (Doe, 2009). With the introduction of these policies, HSBC improved their productivity and they also retained the most talented employees (Doe, 2009). My Experience Aditya had the motivation to increase the number of female employees because she felt that a more diverse workforce would make HSBC’s products and services more appealing to its customers (Doe, 2009). I think that Aditya’s incentive for increasing diversity had more of a positive outcome than she had imagined. Not only did the policies improve the companies appeal, but they also increased the productivity of the employees. The article states that productivity went up 63% in the first month within the Commercial Banking Team with the addition of the FWA policy (Doe, 2009). This policy let certain positions within the company Telecommute, allowing the employees to have a healthier “work-life balance” (Doe, 2009, p. 104). I feel that the adoption of this policy helped HSBC have a more diverse workforce because it allowed the employees to make a work schedule that fit their needs as long as the work was being done. For example, a single mother would have
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