Diversity In College Campuses

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Diversity in College Campuses Diversity is defined as the inclusion of individuals representing more than one national origin, color, religion, socioeconomic stratum, sexual orientation, etc. This has led to initiatives such as affirmative action which enables favoring members of a disadvantaged group who suffer from discrimination within a culture. This has led to colleges and universities taking action in attempts to make campuses much more inclusive and welcoming for people of all different backgrounds. This was definitely one of the issues I was most concerned with when I decided to attend Long Beach state after my senior year in high school in 2010. I grew up in a small town where a vast amount of diversity was not fully present.…show more content…
There was no inclusion of females or minorities. Diversity in schools did not really begin expanding until the 1960’s in America. According to the American Council on Education, with the exception of students attending historically black colleges and universities, only a relative handful of Americans of color went to college in the United States. The intensification of the civil rights movement and President Lyndon B. Johnson’s War on Poverty in the mid-1960s prompted the nation to respond to the reality that Americans of color did not have equal access to education, jobs, housing, or other valued resources. This inequality was built into the fabric of most social institutions—public and…show more content…
There are plenty of affluent minorities that attend universities and are not burdened with the vast expenses of universities. Schools should begin to consider the correlation between race and socio-economic background. Other solutions include seeking support from family and friends if faced with adversity at school. Also, looking into the resources that the university may offer. While researching the resources here on campus I found an entire section of our school dedicated to the inclusion and safety of all students. The Office of Equity & Diversity’s mission statement is to:” Provide leadership and direction to achieve a positive, continuing, and vigorous campus nondiscrimination and equal opportunity program that goes well beyond the fulfillment of basic regulatory and procedural requirements to one with emphasis on providing positive attention to serving the needs of the campus.” There are also a number of cultural student organizations that offer a safe and fun place for people of all walks of life to come together and celebrate each of their cultures. This university also offers degrees in cultural subjects such as Africana Studies and Chicano/Latino

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