Diversity In Care

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Diversity: The concept of diversity is about acceptance and respect. Diversity embraces everything that is different about people, appearance , gender, race, culture, ability, talent and beliefs. In my work place starting by the staff team we have a huge diversity of people, we have male and females , different nationalities ,appearances and beliefs. Same happens with the service users we care for . Equality: When you treat everyone the same way, you respect a individual choices, and provide care settings to the individual needs. We promote equality at our work place by respecting each service user and staff, listen to their needs and opinions and we treat everyone the same way. Inclusion: When you make a control plan fro a activity so that…show more content…
having that in mind you will be able to provide activities for the individual that will suit him . A person centred approach supports equality and inclusion. When I was working with service user A, he told me that he would like to play football , so I took him to the local disable football team , they practice twice a week and go and compete all around the uk and channel islands, the team is a mix team male and female all play together and according to their capacities and disabilities (equality) , and after a few training sessions service user A was asked to join one of the teams (inclusion) and that was something that made him really proud and happy. By having teams that are specific for different disabilities and abilities you promote a healthy team spirit and cut discrimination out ,as everybody is treat as equals and part of the…show more content…
Discrimination usually occurs through ignorance. By making a person aware of the facts it will educate them and hopefully change their opinions and actions in the future. 3.1- Relevant legislation such as Equality Act 2010, line manager, Policies & Procedures, colleagues, training ( Safeguarding, Person-Centred Planning,) the internet, and others agencies ( mencap, les amis, jersey autism , etc) 3.2- When: due to the large number of service users we care for , we have in place files containing all information for each single individual. In the File you will find everything you need to know about the service user. With this information you can arrange a daily activity that will promote diversity, equality and inclusion: This can be by arranging a group lunch out, you will take a group of service users to a restaurant and you will know in advance if is any dietary restriction, any vegetarians in the group, any specific religion requirements ,

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