Diversity in Britain Essay

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Diversity in Britain The theme for this essay is ‘Diversity in Britain’. By diversity I mean that there are 60 million people in the world and each one of us is different, we can be tall, small, male, female, old young, speak different languages, have different ethnicities, come from different backgrounds, and have different likes and dislikes. We all have ‘multiple identities’, and this means so many things go into making us who we are, and we are part of so many different groups and communities throughout our lives, these shape and define us, and make us all individuals. Every person’s identity is unique and distinctive because of this. Some examples of groupings you might be part of are- gender, beliefs, background, music taste, school, hair colour. Our class does not reflect the identity of our local community, however. To be a diverse group of people, we would also need elderly people, toddlers, disabled people, people of different ethnicities and religions. We are a diverse society because of migration into the country. 8% of the total UK population are from ethnic minority groups- a person’s ethnicity is their race, religion, culture and language. Ethnic minorities are mainly concentrated in England, and the largest ethnic minority group is the Pakistanis. The first large scale of migration into Britain was from the Caribbean after World War 2, and immigrants from India and Pakistan first arrived in the 1960’s. There are many different reasons people migrate, and a few of them are; * Safety * War * Work * Political Reasons * Better Rights * Health Clean Resources * Medication * Education * To escape discrimination We are all part of a global society. This means that the food we eat, the music we listen to, and the language we speak is influenced by many cultures other than our own. In my case, my mum
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