Diversity in a College Community

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Diversity in a college community promotes individual growth, strengthens communities and enriches educational experience. It is my belief that every individual has a unique perspective and experience so that their attachment to a college community would create a mutual learning-teaching environment, adding subsequently to quality education. So, I am an individual who have had lived previously in a diverse surrounding and therefore I can bring a lot to the diversity in a college community. As we come from various backgrounds, we all are diverse in terms of our opinions and thoughts. Likewise, I come from Nepal, a small South Asian country that boasts diversity in terms of caste, religion, race, color and language. And, I lived in a boarding school for 9 whole years since I was 10 which sheltered many students across the nation. So, I have encountered people from various backgrounds possessing different interests. But, presence of diverse students in our boarding school was certainly not sufficient condition for diversity to work in an anticipated way. Since we were children then, I had communication problems with few of them and making new friends was probably the toughest task for me as we didn’t shared common interests. Yet, I knew I had to go through this transition as they were the significant moments that would put me in new situations involving uncertainty and requiring new knowledge. Being in a boarding school with such diverse students, I gradually learnt teamwork and mutual respect. As time went by, I learnt from those whose experiences, beliefs, and perspectives were different from my own. These weren’t the only benefits. After a few years, I began to celebrate festivals which I hadn’t known before, I tasted cuisines I hadn’t tasted before, I sang songs I hadn’t heard before and danced the way I had never seen before. It was a never ending learning
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