Diversity and Leadership Effectiveness Essay

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Issues of diversity and their impact on leadership effectiveness Kurtis Anselmi ORG300-19 – Applying Leadership Principles Colorado State University – Global Campus Dr. Julie Ducharme August 10, 2013 Issues of diversity and their impact on leadership effectiveness Corporate America is coming to terms with the new levels of diversity within their ranks. The old adage of “keeping with what works”, or “do not fix something that is not broken” is no longer going to propel companies into the future. The future of America and the world of business are going to be in the control of those companies that embrace diversity. This does not mean that only the companies that hire and promote women and people of diverse ethnic origin are going to succeed in the future. Traditional business thinking is being pushed to the outer edges of the societal norms. Diversity in the future of business will have to include people of every age, sexual orientation, cultural background, and even those who might merely have a different way of thinking or looking at the world. The future of the business world is changing and that change will require the management of the businesses that wish to succeed to employ the same kind of demographic profile that they wish to market their products to. The future for diversity and inclusion What does work and what does not work The tide is changing for the corporate American worker. Ever since President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, change was inevitable. Unfortunately for many, these changes have been very slow coming, but they have arrived. The future of all businesses that wish to prosper in the new era of diversity hinges on the new ideas being brought forward by new leadership. In the article “Attributes of Diversity and Inclusion” author Paul Sweeney identifies several areas where diversity has been slow

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