Diversity And Ethics

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1. Please provide the definitions you feel most appropriate for the words Diversity and Ethics. Why are these issues even appropriate to discuss in the Hospitality Industy? Ethics are just like the book says. They are rules of conduct we DECIDE to live by. They aren't the rules we have to live by but the ones we decide to live by. They are moral rules. For instance, the law says if you steal from you company you will go to jail. So you have to live by that. But there is no law for telling your employer a lie, or something that isn't necessarily true, you won't go to jail or get in any serious trouble. You will just be unethical, and once your employers find out that you are unethical it will be hard to keep a job or get a job. There is also the 10 rules of ethics in the Hospitality Industry.. Honesty, Integrity, Turstworthiness, Loyality, Fairness, Concern and Respect for Others, Commitment to Excellence, Leadership, Reputation and Morale, and…show more content…
Discuss the interrelationships between diversity and ethics and what you have learned in this class can help you manage these issues in your career 3. Discuss fully the dynamics of why many management researchers believe that women in the hospitality industry have an important role. Be specific and use examples from events and companies currently operating in the industry 4. Why be ethical? Why bother? Who Cares? 5. What ethical and fiversity issues are most often seen in hiring, training, and promotions? How do the decisions surrounding these keys areas effect the entire company. 6. Design diversity and ethics plan to be used in a company to effectively engage management and staff in this effort. 7. What is the best approach to managing diversity? 8. What is the connection between our values and how we earn a living? 9. What do Euro-Americans value the most and how is that different from other cultures? 10. What are the key values of African American culture and how have they
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