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Workplaces are employing in a more diverse atmosphere which can include race, gender, ethnic groups, age, personality, organizational function, and educational background to name a few. Diversity may also include the perception of one another and how it can affect one’s interactions. By identifying differences amongst one another an organization can embrace the diverseness and understand the benefits of having a diverse staff. Companies that have chosen to demonstrate the effects of having a diverse organization are Cummins, Wellpoint, currently called Anthem, and Verizon Communications. The three companies have welcomed the opportunity of a diverse organization and has helped them succeed within their respected industries. I will discuss the company’s statement of diversity and the specific issues it has included, how they address workforce composition issues and other workplace diversity issues. With the understanding of how a diverse organization can be, it can help tackle a variety of issues and the development within the organizations. Since its establishment in 1954, Cummins is continuing its global leading in designs, manufacturing, distribution, and servicing diesel and natural gas engines. It also has a part in technology with engines, fuel systems, controls, air handling, filtration, emission solutions and electrical power generation systems. Cummins has made its way into the 15th spot of diversity according to diversity.com and continues to have roots in Indiana. Cummins ex-Chief Executive Officer, J. Irwin Miller, who ran the company for 40 years has left some inspiring words ““Character, ability and intelligence are not concentrated in one sex over the other, nor in persons with certain accents or in certain races or in persons holding degrees form some universities over other.” Since Mr. Miller’s passing, Cummins statement has changed to “Cummins’

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