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Kara Louise Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Assignment The definitions are:- Diversity Understanding that each individual is different and recognising our differences. This can be along the dimensions of race, gender, status, age and physical abilities, to name a few. Diversity is a varied assortment and should be celebrated, rather than seeing it as a problem that needs to be solved. Equality Equal rights for people regardless of what factors they have that may be different. Equality means that everyone should be treated fairly regardless of their age, rank, ability, religious beliefs and sex. Inclusion Inclusion is to be included in a group and to have a sense of belonging. Inclusion is engaging the talents beliefs, backgrounds, capabilities and ways of living of individuals. It is about engaging differences to create a culture of belonging, in which people are valued. Inclusion is to include a person, to take them into account, to listen to them and let them be heard. Everyone should have equal rights regardless of what factors they have and what might be different. Equality means that everyone should be treated fairly. Within health and social care it is important that we work in an inclusive way in meeting the needs of the service users. Inclusive practice promotes equality and supports diversity, as if you are included in a group you have a sense of belonging and you feel respected and valued for who you are. Inclusion is engaging in the beliefs, backgrounds, capabilities and talents of all individuals. This is turn promotes equality. Everyone should have equal rights, regardless of what factors they have that maybe different. They should all get the same chance regardless of their values. It is important to remember that each individual is unique and it is important to recognise our differences, which

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