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Perspectives of Diversity Perspectives on diversity vary greatly from one person to the next, especially within an organization. In the workplace environment, cultural diversity has benefits such as enhancing team dynamics and increasing cultural understanding. However, with the multitude of perspectives cultural diversity can take on different meanings for everyone involved. It is important to recognize that no single perspective is better than another but rather emphasizes the aspects that are of importance. These differences in perception can prove beneficial or contradictive to the views of others; therefore understanding how the viewpoints of each team member contribute to the overall perspective of the team is essential. Throughout this paper, two perspectives and the implications of each within the workplace are examined. The first perspective encompasses the viewpoints of everyone involved; this is referred to as the collective perspective. The second perspective that requires attention is the cross-cultural perspective, which incorporates the differences and similarities of numerous cultures to develop work dynamics. The Collaborative Perspective Diversity within the work place has overall benefits from having individuals with unique ideas who contribute in different ways of thinking due to a multitude of cultural backgrounds. To achieve this diversity needs to be recognized and valued for the individual differences, which will allow the person to maximize their own potential. This would include such differences as ethnicity, gender, age, color, mental and physical disabilities, race, sexual orientation, parental and marital status, religion, and most especially individual thinking styles and language. The result can yield a better product for the company; making the environment friendly, inviting and respectful. Companies that have diversity

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